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Teeth Whitening

Achieve a whiter smile with teeth whitening treatment in Dubai, UAE

Do you love a cup or two of coffee in the morning? Perhaps a glass of red wine at night? Over time, consuming these beverages daily can stain your teeth. In fact, we encounter other causes of teeth stains all the time – red pasta sauce, acidic fruits, berries, soda, and tobacco can all discolor your pearly whites.  At Precision Dental Clinic, we provide patients in Dubai, UAE with professional teeth whitening options that will lift stains and whiten enamel several shades lighter than the current color.

Benefits of professional teeth whitening

 Patients constantly ask us about the difference between professional teeth whitening and those that are available over the counter. The truth is, over the counter teeth whitening options never deliver on their promise to truly transform the smile. Furthermore, these one-size-fits-all methods can even harm the teeth or gums. Professional teeth whitening is safe and effective at removing tooth stains and discoloration to give you a whiter smile. Its benefits include:

  • Customized – Whether you are receiving an in-office treatment or at-home teeth whitening trays, the entire process is customized to ensure that your teeth are whitened uniformly.
  • Safe – Professional teeth whitening is done with safe ingredients and under the supervision of an experienced dentist to protect the teeth, gum tissue, and the rest of the mouth from unnecessary exposure or sensitivity.
  • Stronger solution – Teeth whitening services from the dentist will provide better, whiter results than any over the counter method.

Our teeth whitening process

 Whether you are looking to address black stains on the teeth, or are concerned because your teeth are yellow, our process is the same. For most patients, we’ll start with in-office bleaching which will address tooth stains and discoloration in a single appointment. Then, patients are given custom fit at home whitening trays that they can use for periodic touch-ups if staining or discoloration begins to occur again.

Love your smile again, call us today

 If you are upset by dull, dingy teeth, the team at Precision Dental Clinic has you covered. Professional teeth whitening is a quick fix that can make a dramatic change to your smile. To book your teeth whitening appointment, give us a call at 04 - 2756731.

Teeth Whitening

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