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Gum Plastic Surgery

Gum plastic surgery in Dubai UAE

When you think of a beautiful smile, you typically think about straight, pearly white teeth. But your gum tissue plays an important role in the appearance of your smile. For individuals suffering from cosmetic issues such as receding gums or a gummy smile, gum plastic surgery can be an excellent solution. At Precision Dental Clinic in Dubai, UAE, we’re committed to improving the health and appearance of our patients smiles through periodontal plastic surgery.

Cosmetic issues corrected with gum plastic surgery

Periodontal plastic surgery can address a wide range of cosmetic problems with the gums including:

Receding gums – There are several factors that can lead to receding gums including, gum disease, genetics, aggressive brushing, or inadequate oral care. When the gum tissue shrinks, it can expose a portion of the tooth root. Teeth may appear elongated and the exposed root is often more sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. Gum plastic surgery can cover the roots using a gingival graft.

Benefits of this procedure include building the gum tissue back up in order to treat and reverse the damage of gum disease.

Excess tissue – If your smile appears gummy and your teeth look too short, it could be due to excess gum tissue that extends down over the crown of the tooth. In this case, we can remove the excess tissue to expose more of the tooth. The gumline is then recontoured to ensure results are beautiful and natural-looking.  This is often referred to as crown lengthening procedure.

Benefits of this procedure include improving the appearance of the smile and treating deep pockets that may be a result of gum disease.

Uneven gum line – When the gum tissue covers more on some teeth than it does on others, gum recontouring can even the line to enhance the appearance of the smile.

Benefits of this procedure include a more even gum line and reducing the risk of tooth decay due to excess tissue.

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You don’t have to live with receding gums or a gummy smile. If you are ready to improve your oral health and the overall appearance of your smile, contact Precision Dental Clinic in Dubai, UAE at 04 - 2756731 to book your appointment.

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