Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

From a gummy smile to worn, crooked, or discolored teeth – we can fix these issues! As our team here at Precision Dental Clinic has learned over the years, patients who come in looking to make over their smile usually have multiple questions for us, including:

  • Do you have the qualifications to help me?
  • What dental work do I need to correct my smile fully?
  • How much is this going to cost me?

Dr. Sharon Anand is available for consultations and can answer these questions and more regarding your smile makeover. Dr. Anand is recently certified in Digital Smile Design, a cutting-edge smile makeover technique that is changing the lives of every patient who has decided this is the path for them.

Popularized by Dr. Christian Coachman, Digital Smile Design is a unique, state-of-the-art dental planning treatment tool that enables Dr. Anand to have a strong diagnostic vision for the future of your smile. Using an individual’s dental and facial proportions, Digital Smile Design can develop a personalized and specific treatment plan for each patient. This is accomplished through videos, photos, and temporary mockups, which all help Digital Smile Design understand the relationship between a patient’s lips, gums, and teeth.

Dr. Sharon Anand
Dr. Sharon Anand

The DSD process

When you meet with Dr. Anand, she will tell you about the benefits offered by DSD. Once you choose to move forward with the process, three-dimensional videos and photos will be taken of every angle of your mouth via an intraoral scanner. This data is then sent into the DSD software, where an incredibly realistic model will be created. This model will allow Dr. Anand to recommend the treatments that will make up your smile makeover. Best of all, you will be involved through the entire process from start to finish.

Your communication regarding what you want to accomplish via your smile makeover will be listened to, and a 3D mockup of what your smile will look like once all treatment is completed will be provided so that you can see your future smile!

If you are ready to learn more about what Digital Smile Design can offer, please call our office today at 04 - 2756731.

Alina P.

Success Stories

Alina P.

It was a quick decision to do the veneers and the best choice of the clinic ever. Such a professional and pleasant team they have! Special thanks to Dr.Sharon and JR for their taking great care of me and their patience. Already got my veneers settled and super happy with the result and quality of the work has been done. Keep it up guys, highly recommend your spot to my surroundings!

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