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Orthodontics options for a beautiful smile and a healthy bite in Dubai, UAE

If you have something you’d like to improve about your smile, you are not alone. Most people have issues such as crooked teeth, gaps, overcrowding, or problems with their bite that not only affect how they feel about their smile, but also their overall oral health. At Precision Dental Clinic in Dubai, UAE, we offer holistic orthodontics for both children and adults so every member of your family can have a beautiful, healthy smile.

Orthodontic Treatments at Precision Dental Clinic - Dr. Punit Thawani

Orthodontic Treatments at Precision Dental Clinic - Dr. Punit Thawani
Are you someone near Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, looking to get straight teeth or correct your bite. Dr. Punit H. Thawani from Precision Dental Clinic is the ideal person you should visit for all your Orthodontic treatments. Watch the video as he explains all you need to know about orthodontic treatments.

Why you should see an orthodontist?

Orthodontists do a lot more than straitening teeth. They also,

  • Make your teeth look really good
  • Help in correcting your bite
  • Guide the growth and development of the jaws

So, having straight teeth has a lot of functional benefits. Straight teeth are easier, and this improves the overall health of your teeth. Also, having a good bite will improve the functioning of your teeth.

When do you start orthodontics for kids at Precision Dental Clinic?

At Precision Dental Clinic, we follow the American Association of Orthodontists’ guidelines of starting to see patients at the age of seven or eight to evaluate what their orthodontic treatment needs are.

If we do see some specific signs of a problem growing, we would do orthodontic treatment for kids at this age before it gets worse over time.

What types of appliances do you use at Precision Dental Clinic?

Here at Precision Dental Clinic, we use a whole host of appliances for treatments. They are,

  • Different types of traditional metal braces
  • White-colored braces made of ceramic
  • Removable appliances such as Invisalign
  • Invisible braces which are fixed braces stuck at the back of the teeth

Orthodontics options: more than just braces

When most people think about orthodontics, metal braces are what first comes to mind. But orthodontics has come a long way and there are many options available nowadays to treat a wide range of issues while fitting your individual treatment preferences. Orthodontics can help with:

  • Teeth straightening
  • Reducing gaps or crowding
  • Correcting bite problems, including an overbite, underbite, cross bite, or open bite
  • Jaw size issues, such as too small of an arch

Aesthetic Orthodontic Appliances

Specialist Orthodontist, Dr. Punit Thawani talks about the options you can look into to help straighten your teeth.
Specialist Orthodontist, Dr. Punit Thawani talks about the options you can look into to help straighten your teeth.

Orthodontic care for all ages

While most people think of orthodontics as being a rite of passage for teenagers, orthodontics for kids and adults can also be incredibly beneficial. We offer orthodontics at all life stages:

  • Children’s teeth and jaws undergo an incredible amount of development in their early years. The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that each child have an orthodontic consultation when they turn seven so that we can identify any issues with their jaw development or tooth alignment.
  • Teenagers are at an optimal age for straightening teeth and correcting any bite issues. We offer a broad array of teeth straightening options, including metal braces, tooth-colored ceramic braces, and even Invisalign® Teen for nearly invisible tooth straightening.
  • Adults may have never had their teeth straightened, or they may have had braces long ago, but their teeth have regressed back into misalignment; other times, extractions or other dental treatments may achieve better results when paired with orthodontics. No matter what your need, our orthodontist has the experience and skills to help you achieve the beautiful smile you deserve.

Orthodontic Treatment for Kids – Precision Dental Clinic – Dubai

Orthodontic Treatment for Kids – Precision Dental Clinic – Dubai
Specialist Orthodontist, Dr Punit Thawani explains the advantages of early orthodontic check for your child to improve the growth and oral health of your child. Precision Dental Clinic – Dubai

Parents often ask us when is the best time for the kids to get braces? Well the simple answer is that is different from child to child. So it’s important to get your child checked by an orthodontist at about the age of seven, so that the orthodontist can determine when is the best time for the child to start braces. So does that mean we are going to slap on braces for your seven year old babies? Not necessarily. The advantage of sync is this young is that we can catch certain problems when they are developing and take certain measures to stop them from getting worse or to prevent them from occurring at all. We can start with treatment like treatment for habits like thumb sucking or make sure that the milk teeth are falling on time and even do certain treatments to improve the growth and development of your child’s jaws. So please remember to take your child for an orthodontic check-up at the age of seven. So the orthodontist can decide when is the best time for them to start treatment and until next time hashtag brush floss rinse repeat.

 Aside from helping you feel great about your smile, orthodontics can also improve your oral health. Straight teeth are easier to clean with brushing and flossing, leaving you less vulnerable to decay and gum disease, and when your bite is correctly aligned, it reduces unnecessary wear and tear on your teeth.

 To learn more about which orthodontics options are right for you or a member of your family, call Precision Dental Clinic in downtown Dubai today! 04 - 2756731

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