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Savings Plan

Savings Plan

Join Our Savings Plan and Start Reaping the Benefits!


The Precision Dental Clinic Savings Plan is an annual savings plan for families, individuals and employees that allow all members to receive premium dental services at greatly reduced prices. With the Precision Dental Clinic Savings Plan, there are no deductibles, no annual spending limits, no limits on which treatments you can get done and no waiting periods to begin treatment. It is a good and cost effective way to maintain the dental health of you and your family. Regular dental checkups and scaling are effective ways of preventing dental problems.

The benefits associated with the Precision Dental Clinic Savings Plan can be enjoyed immediately upon enrollment.

  • 2 scalings and polishings in a year
  • 1 OPG per year
  • Upto 3 X-Rays or 1 panoramic X-Ray (as needed)
  • Upto 50% discount on dental services:
    • 50% discount on teeth whitening
    • 30% discount on fillings
    • 20% discount on general dentistry
    • 10% discount on orthodontics and implants

Benefits of Savings Plan

  • Free consultations
  • 2 scalings per year
  • Upto 3 X-Rays or 1 panoramic X-Ray (as needed)
  • 50% discount on whitening
  • 30% discount on fillings
  • 20% discount on other general dentistry (root canals, crowns).
  • Discounts on orthodontic treatment, Hollywood Smile / Veneers / Smile Makeovers, Dental Implants, Aesthetic treatments
  • Payment plans for high value treatments (above 5000/-)
  • No need for approvals

Terms and Limitations of the Savings Plan

  • Must be used within 1 year
  • Benefits cannot be carried forward to next year
  • Treatment and X-ray requirements will be determined by the doctor.
  • In case of any dispute, management decision is final.
  • Treatment fees can be changed at discretion of management.

Plan Payment Options

  • Full payment in advance. (AED 497/-)

Charul S.

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Charul S.

Had been searching for an experienced Periodontist and Dr.Shweta Prabhu is just an awesome one in Dubai! What I love about her is she never upsell services and recommends you what’s best for you!

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