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Tooth-colored dental fillings in Dubai, UAE

 With hundreds of millions of fillings performed worldwide every year, they are one of the most common dental procedures performed. Dental fillings are done when teeth have small areas of decay, called dental caries or cavities.  At Precision Dental Clinic in downtown Dubai, UAE, we offer patients tooth-colored composite fillings to restore their teeth to health without affecting their appearance.

Why are fillings important?

If your dentist has told you that you need a filling, it can be easy to delay getting the treatment done, especially if the tooth is not causing you pain. However, over time, a small area of decay can turn into a larger, more invasive problem that requires much more time-intensive and costly treatments. In some cases, decay can even lead to the loss or extraction of a tooth, which then results in the need for a false tooth replacement such as a dental implant or bridge. Halting the decay process while a cavity is small by getting a dental filling allows you to avoid all of this and save your natural tooth, while preserving your overall oral health.

How a filling is placed

The tooth decay filling procedure consists of two main steps: first, removing the source of decay in the tooth, and then filling it in with tooth-colored composite resin. To do this, we:

  • Use local anesthetic to numb the tooth that will be treated for a pain-free experience
  • Use specialized instruments to gently remove the damaged portion of the tooth, which halts the decay process
  • Place the tooth-colored filling material into the tooth layer by layer, using a blue light to cure and harden it for a strong and durable result
  • Shape the filling to match your natural tooth grooves and bite

The composite restoration material that we use allows us to place tooth-colored fillings that blend in seamlessly with your smile. This same material can also be used in a dental bonding procedure to perform teeth gap fillings that close the space between teeth, fill a broken tooth, or repair other minor cosmetic issues with a tooth.

 To learn more about fillings and schedule your appointment at Precision Dental Clinic, call our downtown Dubai office today at 04 - 2756731.

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