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Dentist That Do Veneers in Dubai UAE area

The quest for a beautiful smile is paramount in today’s image-conscious society. Individuals often associate their smiles with confidence, attractiveness, and overall well-being. However, imperfections such as discoloration, chips, or misalignments can detract from one’s self-esteem and social interactions. Enter veneers, a versatile solution for achieving a flawless “Hollywood smile.” These custom-crafted ultra-thin porcelain shells are used to cover dental imperfections. With veneers, individuals can confidently showcase their smiles, knowing they possess a dazzling set of teeth.  By addressing cosmetic concerns effectively, veneers not only enhance aesthetics but also empower individuals to radiate self-assurance in their personal and professional lives, making every … Continue reading

Family Dental Clinic Dubai UAE area

Visiting the dentist with the entire family often requires several appointments at different locations. Mom and Dad may need to visit a traditional dentist, while children need to see a pediatric dentist for their unique needs. However, when you are looking for an affordable family dental clinic in Dubai, UAE, you are able to find a practice that provides same-day, back-to-back appointments for both children and adults. At Precision Dental Clinic, our dentists work directly with families to help them get the care they need without any inconveniences. Your entire family can get the care they need under one roof! Why parents love family … Continue reading

Root Canal Treatment in Dubai Area

Is your tooth sensitive to hot or cold foods? Do you have a constant toothache that’s not responding to home remedies? Your tooth may be infected, and you might need root canal treatment from Precision Dental Clinic to save your tooth from an unpleasant outcome. If you suspect an infected tooth, Dr. Anisha Kumar of Dubai, United Arabs Emirates, can remove the infected pulp to save your tooth from irreversible damage.  The anatomical structure of your tooth Your natural tooth comprises two main parts — the crown and the root.The crown is the visible, white part, while the root is … Continue reading

Periodontal Pocket Treatment in Dubai UAE Area

If you have gums which are inflamed or swollen, which bleed when you brush them, or which cause you pain or discomfort, then it is highly likely you are suffering from gum disease. Gum disease is something that is treatable when caught early. Treatments such as periodontal pocket treatment as offered by Dr. Shweta Prabhu and the team at Precision Dental Clinic in Dubai, UAE, are important for reversing gum disease. When allowed to progress, gum disease becomes much more difficult to manage, could be irreversible, and could lead to other health conditions. Here are some dangers you could find … Continue reading

Veneer Dentist Near Me Dubai UAE Area

Porcelain veneers have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, and it is easy to see why. Not only do they provide a completely natural look, but they are also able to assist with a wide range of dental issues and are very durable in doing so. In the Dubai, UAE, area, Dr. Punit Thawani and the team at Precision Dental Clinic offer porcelain veneers. If you are seeking a Hollywood style smile makeover, porcelain veneers can do just that. When paying for such a treatment, you want a solution that is not only pleasing in appearance but which is also … Continue reading

White Dental Filling in Dubai UAE Area

Our dentists at Precision Dental Clinic in Dubai, UAE, work routinely with patients with unique dental needs. They also address a wide range of common dental concerns that may need to be improved. This includes cavities. Patients with cavities often find dental fillings the best way to restore the tooth. But what materials are best for long-lasting restoration? Which ones look more natural? Our team of professionals will educate patients on the benefits of our white dental fillings, also known as tooth-colored fillings or composite resin bonding. Continue reading to find out if you are a good candidate for our … Continue reading

Tooth Extraction Cost in Dubai UAE Area

You may be in pain if you have an impacted wisdom tooth or third molar. This “stuck” tooth must be surgically removed to address the issue. If you need a surgical tooth extraction, Precision Dental Clinic in Dubai, UAE, encourages you to book a new appointment to determine if you are a good candidate. How Much Does Tooth Extraction Cost? The cost of treatment depends on various factors, so you must schedule a consultation visit with our team of dental specialists at Precision Dental Clinic to get an accurate quote of the expected costs. What Can I Expect from Wisdom … Continue reading

Invisalign Top Teeth Only in Dubai UAE Area

When it comes to straightening your teeth, there is no shortage of options, which may leave you wondering, “Which option is best?” Invisalign is a clear alternative to traditional orthodontics, free of brackets and wires. Invisalign gives patients the freedom to eat, work, and socialize without any embarrassment or inconvenience. At Precision Dental Clinic in Dubai, UAE, we believe in the Invisalign system to have a healthier, more beautiful smile. Whether you need to straighten both arches of teeth or just the top or bottom teeth only, Invisalign can help. While many of our patients have heard of Invisalign, not … Continue reading

Implant Cost Per Tooth in Dubai UAE Area

At Precision Dental Clinic in Dubai, UAE, we see patients with missing or lost teeth almost daily. Some lost their teeth years ago, and others recently extracted them in our office. While there are many reasons that an individual may end up with lost teeth, the reasons for replacing them are all the same. Without permanent teeth, individuals will experience compromised oral health, the risk for other health conditions outside of the mouth, and a loss of confidence or self-esteem. There is good news; advanced dental technology allows us to offer options for missing teeth that are strong and natural … Continue reading

Natural-Looking Porcelain Veneers Near Me In Downtown Dubai

When you have an imperfect smile, it can feel as if everyone you encounter in your day-to-day events is staring right at it. Maybe you have a badly stained tooth or a tooth that is cracked or chipped that you are very self-conscious about. Smile enhancement with Porcelain veneers is a procedure offered by Dr Sharon Anand at Precision Dental Clinic in Dubai, to help you get that Hollywood Smile! It provides an excellent option for patients seeking to conceal minor imperfections in their smiles. The great thing about veneers is that you do not need them on every tooth. … Continue reading

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I strongly recommend Precision Dental Clinic, excellent doctors, very caring and efficient. Had a root canal procedure, never felt any pain during the entire process . Dr assigned was the BEST. Good luck to them

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