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FAQ About Invisalign Treatment in Dubai Area for Straightening the Teeth

Invisalign is one of many treatment options available for patients who want to improve their smile. Precision Dental Clinic in Dubai, UAE is here to help! If you have a misaligned smile and want to learn more about alternative orthodontic treatments instead of traditional metal bracket and wire braces, read on about the benefits of Invisalign. Q: What is Invisalign? A: Invisalign is a treatment sometimes referred to as “invisible braces” for your teeth. Instead of using metal brackets and wires to reposition the smile as is done with traditional braces, Invisalign uses clear aligner trays to realign the teeth … Continue reading

Family Dental Clinic at Precision Dental Clinic in Dubai UAE Area

At Precision Dental Clinic, we understand that regular dental care is paramount. A healthy smile is about a lot more than looks. Dull, damaged, or missing teeth can cause discomfort and embarrassment, and they can have an impact on your overall health. Our dental clinic in Dubai is staffed by a team of experienced dentists and technicians to treat patients of all ages with compassion and skill so you can feel at home. We’re here when you need us Our family dental clinic in Dubai UAE offers flexible hours 6 days a week to meet a busy family’s needs, with … Continue reading

Invisible Clear Braces with Precision Dental Clinic in Dubai Uae Area

Do you dread the idea of using traditional metal bracket and wire braces for teeth straightening? Are you seeking an alternative treatment that better fits your lifestyle? Are you interested in a fast and effective way to reposition the teeth without having to cover the smile with conventional orthodontia? If you answered yes to these questions, it is time for you to speak to our Dubai, UAE area dental team about using invisible, clear braces called Invisalign to achieve the perfect smile! What is Invisalign? While conventional ways of straightening the teeth involved the use of brackets glued to the … Continue reading

Are braces painful

You’re ready to get your teeth straightened, and are about to begin your journey to a beautiful smile. However, you have one lingering thought in your head… how much pain am I going to have to go through…… This is a thought that goes through the minds of teenagers and adults before getting braces put on. And our experience has been that there are lot of misconceptions out there, and many people have been told “stories” by their friends or colleagues about painful experiences. So, let’s start at the beginning: The Beginning of treatment Getting braces put on your teeth … Continue reading

My dog ate my retainers

So here’s a common story we, as Orthodontists hear…. My dog chewed on my Retainer! Some of the others are — My mom threw it in the trash,The waiter picked it up along with the plates,It was in my pocket and it cracked. Now, we are not disputing any of these… surely something like this must have happened, (and there is a theory that the smell of the plastic and saliva on the retainer is enticing to the humble canine) – but the fact is that all these problems are avoidable by taking some basic care. Retainers are very useful devices. … Continue reading

Take your quiz

An increasing number of adults are now opting for braces. In fact, entire products and brands have evolved solely for orthodontic treatment of adults. Some of these include Invisalign, Incognito, Harmony etc. Many adults often get interested in orthodontics when their kids are getting their teeth straightened with braces. Probably seeing the effects for themselves, sparks the interest. Do you feel you need braces? Here is a simple quiz you can take to find out. Question 1 – Are any of my teeth turned, or twisted? Teeth should line up so that the sides of the teeth touch each other. If … Continue reading

Smile with braces

With the popularity of cosmetic dentistry in Dubai these days, more and more adults are opting to have their teeth straightened. However, due to social pressures, they cannot always commit to long term use of traditional braces. To address this problem, various solutions have become available. Dental clinic in Dubai are aggressively marketing aesthetic orthodontic solutions, or invisible braces to straighten teeth. The question that arises in most people’s minds is – “Are invisible braces effective”. Here is a look at some things you should consider before signing up for invisible braces – 1) The type of invisible braces –  Which is most … Continue reading

Woman demonstrating how-to-put-toothpaste on a toothbrush

There is an old adage “The mouth is the mirror to the body”.  Your Periodontist in Dubai who is a Gum specialist would like to talk about the connection between your oral health and general health. Gum disease is an infection of the gums and supporting structures of the teeth caused by bacteria, the end result of which is a loss of precious tooth support in the form of gum and alveolar bone. Over a period of time, Gingivitis (gum inflammation) when untreated slowly leads to Periodontitis that can cause the destruction of supporting bone and eventually lead to tooth loss. There … Continue reading

Women having dental check up

Your Periodontist in Dubai wants you to know all about Gum disease and how to prevent it!! What you can see in your mouth is only one-third of the tooth; two third of your tooth is actually submerged under the gum. While tooth pain is considered secondary to labor pain, it is usually caused due to cavities or Dental decay. Gum disease also called commonly Gingivitis or Periodontitis will rarely ever cause pain. So what are the signs of Gum disease? If you suffer from Persistent bad breath.Bleeding gums.Loose teeth.Spaces between teeth where previously you had none.Itchy gums orThe constant … Continue reading

Should I wait for all of my child’s permanent teeth to erupt before seeking an orthodontic consultation? This seems to be the common sentiment of most parents. In fact, I once had a father tell me that he was under the impression that his son could only get braces at the age of 15 or 16. It’s true that the majority of our orthodontic patients are teenagers and young adults, however, there are certain treatments that an orthodontist can and should perform at a much younger age to improve a child’s bite and jaw structure. Here are some facts about … Continue reading

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Patricia W.

Lovely clinic Dr Shweta was very reassuring and made the treatment very comfortable. Clinic is very clean with friendly staff . Would recommend to all my friends

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