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Dental Implants

Dental implants are the lasting tooth replacement solution in Dubai, UAE

You do not have to live with a gap in your smile. The experienced and caring dental team at Precision Dental Clinic offer dental implants – the tooth replacement choice that can last a lifetime.

How to replace a missing tooth

In the past, a tooth was replaced with a removable partial denture or fixed dental bridge. Though still sound dental options, they sit on top of gum tissue. A dental implant resides in the jawbone where it becomes part of your body.

In a brief but well-planned tooth implant surgery, an opening is created in bone and the small screw-shaped device is precisely positioned. In time, bone fuses to the implant, forming a solid foundation for a porcelain crown.

This difference is important for several reasons:

Bone preservation – Each time you bite down, tooth roots trigger an influx of minerals and nutrients that keep jawbone strong and dense. An implant mimics this function. Without it, bone diminishes, affecting facial appearance.

Longevity – A denture or bridge wears out and must be replaced. With good oral hygiene, an implant can last as long as your own teeth.

Easy care – No special brushing or flossing techniques are required for an implant restoration.

Normal look, feel, and function – An implant is the closest substitute for a natural tooth.

Options in dental implants in Dubai, UAE

Most often, a titanium dental implant replaces a single missing tooth, and implants can be used for multiple teeth at various locations in the mouth. Zirconia teeth implants are an option for the patient who wants only metal-free dental work. The white implant will not show through thin gum tissue, or leave a gray line if gums recede later in life.

Getting new teeth is cost-effective with implant retained dentures. Just a few implants are strategically placed to hold a full denture with incredible comfort and stability.

Mini dental implants are designed to be placed at the time teeth are extracted, with the denture immediately inserted. The prosthetic protects your mouth as it heals, and you do not have to be seen without teeth.
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Dr. Sweta Prabhu explains five things you didn’t know about dental implants

Dr. Sweta Prabhu explains five things you didn’t know about dental implants
Five things you probably didn’t know about dental implants

Five things you probably didn’t know about dental implants –

1: It’s been almost 60 years since the first dental implant was placed in a human and ever since then, we’ve been doing it successfully.

Number 2: A dental implant procedure is very conservative when it’s a routinely done procedure and probably less traumatic than your tooth extraction.

Number 3: Titanium is the metal we use most commonly to make dental implants and it’s the same metal that’s used in your knee and hip replacements and your bone loves it.

Number 4: When placed and restored correctly, dental implants can last a very, very long time.

Number 5 and the most important one is that dental implants are the best prosthetic or the restorative solution, as dentists we can offer you, to replace your tooth, but it’s not better than your natural tooth. So, please brush your teeth and keep them safe.

With our comprehensive array of cosmetic & general dentistry services and a gentle, caring approach, we are here to help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile again. Our Dubai office can be reached at - New Patients: 04 - 2756731 and Existing Patients: 04 - 3889262 .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Obtaining dental implants starts with a consultation appointment with our oral maxillofacial surgeon and dental implantologist at Precision Dental. Our implantologist will evaluate a patient and decide if they are a good candidate for this or alternative tooth replacement solutions. Once patients have learned about these restorations and have determined to move forward with obtaining them, they will start the process to a more beautiful, healthy smile with our professionals!
The implant specialist at Precision Dental describes dental implants as tooth root replacements. Dental implants are tiny posts fabricated from titanium or zirconium, which are biocompatible materials used in dentistry. The post is placed where a tooth once was, in the jaw, and restored over the top with various restorations such as crowns, bridges, and dentures. Dental implants can replace one or several teeth within the smile.
The best candidates for dental implants are patients who have experienced tooth loss but have maintained a sufficient amount of bone in the jaw. That is because the dental implant needs enough bone to take hold and help stimulate bone growth through a process called osseointegration. The bone growth stimulated by dental implant placement is essential to providing a proper foundation for the implant, and without enough bone for placement, the procedure will not be successful.
There are several benefits to dental implants that are brought to a patient's attention during a consultation appointment and initial evaluation at Precision Dental:
  • Maintains natural bone through osseointegration
  • Eliminates sunken appearance often resulting from long-time denture wear
  • Solid placement and foundation for proper functionality
  • Natural appearance
  • Strength and durability
  • Long-lasting placement, often decades with appropriate care
  • Versatility, replacing one, several, or all the teeth in the dental arch
  • Made of biocompatible materials that are healthy for the human body
The advantages of dental implants far outweigh the few disadvantages they may have. Some patients are uneasy about the idea of having oral surgery to place dental implants. Still, once they see the many benefits they provide, they are often interested in pursuing this option for tooth replacement. Dental implants do take time to allow osseointegration to occur, so the process from start to finish can take several months. However, with the care and attention of a skilled professional implantologist, patients are delighted with their choice of placing dental implants in their smiles!
Because dental implants are only placed in appropriate candidates, the success rate of dental implants is incredibly high, often in the 99% range. Failure of a dental implant is usually caused by not enough supporting bone, and in very few cases, poor oral health habits of the patient.
Yes! The longevity of dental implants makes them a highly desirable choice for patients looking for a solution that does not need regular replacement. Dental implants will last a lifetime for many of our patients who maintain their oral health and wellness with time. Though they are more costly than bridges and dentures, their longevity makes them a highly affordable option when factoring in the overall cost of the replacement teeth.
The all-on-4® option is a popular choice for patients who have complete dentures but want a more reliable option that functions much better. This process requires the oral surgeon to place four dental implants along the ridge of the dental arch and use them to support a more conservative full denture that snaps in place. The all-on-4® process eliminates the need for removable complete dentures and provides full functionality for patients. It also helps maintain the jaw's natural bone, unlike traditional full dentures, resulting in a sunken-in appearance due to bone resorption.
Dentures themselves cannot be made into implants, but with the all-on-4® dental system, patients can use both implants and dentures to create a fully functioning solution to replace all the teeth in the dental arch.
Dental implants are solidified into the bone of the jaw, so they are permanent. However, if a patient develops a condition such as periodontal disease, which causes bone loss, the implant may become loose or lost. That is why long-term care of the smile after placement is critical to the dental implant's success over the years.
Dental implants can be used to replace one, several, or all teeth in the dental arch. This versatility is one reason why they are so popular. Patients can eliminate their partial dentures by placing implants where needed and switching their complete dentures to all-on-4® dentures, which utilize four dental implants along the arch to stabilize a more conservative denture in the smile. Because of the solid foundation of the dental implant, these restorations are strong and durable, functioning like natural teeth.

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