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Dentist For Variety Of Dental Services Near Me In Downtown Dubai

Variety of dental services provided by Precision Dental Clinic

Precision Dental Clinic of Downtown Dubai provides a variety of dental services for patients of all ages in the area. Whether you need general dental care, cosmetic dentistry, or restorative dental work, our team can help. We are proud to offer high-quality dental services at an affordable price. We strive to make each patient feel comfortable and confident during their visit. We are also pleased to offer such a wide range of procedures and treatments to meet the varied needs of our patients. If you are located in Dubai, UAE, and are interested in working with our team, we welcome you to continue reading and learning about all we do for new and returning patients and families!

Services provided at Precision Dental Clinic of Downtown Dubai

Our team is excited to offer a selection of services for patients. Below are just a few of the procedures and treatments we provide:

  • General Dentistry. General dentistry encompasses a wide range of preventative and routine procedures that may be required to keep the smile healthy and treat minor concerns. Root canal treatment may be provided for patients with an infected tooth, while composite resin fillings may be placed when cavities are found in the smile. We also offer tooth extraction services and dental hygiene education for all patients.
  • Orthodontics. Realigning the smile and bite is important not only for function, but also the beauty of the smile. With orthodontic treatments, patients have the option to straighten their smile with one of many options available to our patients. We are pleased to provide conventional, Damon, Ceramic/Clear, and Invisalign braces. Additionally, we serve patients who need adjunctive orthodontic treatment, orthognathic surgery, or treatment for conditions such as temporomandibular joint disorders.
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  • Cosmetic Dentistry. Improving the appearance of the smile is also vital, especially for patients who have imperfections that make them feel self-conscious about how they look when socializing with others. We are pleased to offer options such as professional-grade teeth whitening and the fabrication and placement of porcelain veneers for a “Hollywood smile!”
  • Implant Dentistry. We understand that missing teeth need to be restored in a way that fits a patient’s lifestyle. Dental implants are an excellent choice for patients, and they are both placed and restored at Precision Dental Clinic with our experienced providers.
  • Gum Disease Treatment. Periodontal disease is an infection that needs to be controlled and maintained to avoid problems such as bleeding gums, bone loss, and loose teeth. We offer treatments such as scaling and root planing and antibiotics to address the infection, as well as gum plastic surgery to restore the smile after gum recession has occurred.

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If you live in the Downtown Dubai area and are interested in learning more about the options you have available to improve your smile’s health, appearance, and function, we are here to help! Call Precision Dental Clinic at 04 - 2756731 to request an appointment at our practice, located at 106 Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. We are open to new patients and returning individuals and their families for the best possible care in the community.

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Quiobe G.

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Quiobe G.

Best dental clinic. The Dentists and the nurses are all professional and friendly. They will give you comfort in those very uncomfortable situations

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We are immensely proud of our Precision Dental Clinic team. The qualified, experienced, and passionate team of expert dentists in downtown Dubai, UAE, is dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of your smile using cutting-edge technology, materials, and techniques that result in attractive, long-lasting smiles.

Our primary priority is your comfort and confidence in our knowledge and expertise. We have professionals in every branch of dentistry who sincerely care about our patients. Whatever your issues are, our highly qualified staff, with an impressive skill set, assures that your trust is in the finest possible hands.

Our dedicated team of doctors, comprising implantologist who also has a diploma in laser dentistry; Dr. Sharon Anand, a general dentist specializing in preventative and aesthetic dentistry; Dr. Punit Thawani, a specialist orthodontist and certified Invisalign provider; Dr. Shweta Prabhu, dental implant specialist, and periodontist who also is a Member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and Dr. Anisha Kumar, a specialist endodontist who has years of expertise addressing some of the most complex root canal treatments is glad to assist you with all of your dental health requirements.

We have an excellent staff and the right work ethic to ensure you're taken care of from beginning to end.

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