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Tooth Extraction Cost in Dubai UAE Area

You may be in pain if you have an impacted wisdom tooth or third molar. This “stuck” tooth must be surgically removed to address the issue. If you need a surgical tooth extraction, Precision Dental Clinic in Dubai, UAE, encourages you to book a new appointment to determine if you are a good candidate. How Much Does Tooth Extraction Cost? The cost of treatment depends on various factors, so you must schedule a consultation visit with our team of dental specialists at Precision Dental Clinic to get an accurate quote of the expected costs. What Can I Expect from Wisdom … Continue reading

Third Molar Extraction in Dubai Area

Your dentist has just recommended that your tooth be extracted. That may sound a bit severe, and it is. Any reputable dentist would not recommend a dental extraction unless it were the very last resort, and no other treatment could save your tooth. Long-term issues could occur when a tooth is extracted and not replaced by a tooth replacement solution such as a dental implant. That is one reason why dentists in the Dubai, UAE region recommend extraction only when there is no alternative. There are different types of extractions, including third molar extractions. A third molar extraction is also … Continue reading

Dentist for Tooth Extraction at Precision Dental Clinic in Dubai UAE Area

The team at Precision Dental Clinic understands that there are situations that might arise that can require removing a natural tooth. Visiting a dentist for tooth extraction may be scary, but our team is here to help. Dubai, UAE area patients who need tooth removal, are welcome to consult with our dentists to learn more about the process and what to expect. Why might I need a tooth removed? Many situations can arise in which a patient might benefit from removing a permanent tooth in their smile. Below are just a few of the cases seen at Precision Dental Clinic: … Continue reading

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Charul S.

Had been searching for an experienced Periodontist and Dr.Shweta Prabhu is just an awesome one in Dubai! What I love about her is she never upsell services and recommends you what’s best for you!

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