What is endodontics treatment?

The branch of dentistry deals with diseases and injuries to the soft tissues inside the tooth (dental pulp).

Dr. Punit Thawani

Why perform Endodontics (root canal)?

If you have tooth pain or an infection that does not respond to medication, you may have an infection in the pulp. You may require endodontics to relieve tooth pain, stop infection, and save your natural tooth.

Benefits of endodontic treatment:

Prevents tooth loss

Prevents infection of adjacent teeth

Improves tooth appearance

Prevents jawbone degeneration

Improves oral and overall health in a painless manner

Let us hear  Dr. Anisha Kumar of Precision Dental

Explain why root canals may require one, two, or more treatments depending on the extent of infection and inflammation.

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Alexandra was terrified of visiting the dentist. But the wonderful team at Precision Dental helped her get over her fears and her pain. Dr. Anisha, who treated her root canals successfully, is kind, dedicated and gifted and so is the team.

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