Do you notice

bleeding gums


when you brush or floss your teeth

Are your permanent teeth starting to feel loose or shifting out of place? If so, you could be suffering from gum disease.

Bleeding Gums

Dental plaque buildup is the primary cause of bleeding gums, which are a common indicator of gingivitis, periodontitis, and other gum diseases.

There are several reasons why your gums might bleed. In most cases, oral  health-related issues cause it.

Dental causes include:

Poor oral hygiene.


Gingivitis (early-stage gum disease).

Periodontitis (moderate to advanced gum disease).

Trench mouth (severe gum disease).

Why are my gums bleeding? 

Common gum disease treatments include:

Improved oral hygiene at home.


Tooth scaling and root planing (deep dental cleaning).

Osseous surgery (to reduce the size of the pockets around your teeth).

Laser periodontal surgery.

The underlying cause of bleeding gums determines the course of treatment.

If bleeding gums are a result of gum disease, a dentist or periodontist (gum specialist) will recommend the appropriate treatment.

Your doctor will need to identify the source of the bleeding if it is not gum disease causing your bleeding gums. The team at the Precision Dental Clinic in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, will examine the typical causes of bleeding gums and remedies to halt the issue.

It’s also important to maintain routine dental check-ups so we can identify the early signs of gum disease while they are still easy to address.

Make sure to brush your teeth at least twice daily and floss your teeth once each day to eliminate food particles and prevent plaque build-up.

One of the best things you can do to prevent swollen, bleeding gums is to develop a consistent oral hygiene routine.

If you are concerned about bleeding gums, visit a periodontist. These dentists have received further training in gum-related issues.  A periodontist is a dental professional who specializes in gum disease.

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