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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment to save your tooth in Dubai, UAE

If you are suffering from tooth pain or an infection that doesn’t go away with medications, then you may have an infection in the inner portion of your tooth, called the pulp. When this happens, root canal therapy may be recommended. Also called endodontic therapy, root canal treatment is a highly effective way of eliminating your tooth pain, halting the infection, and saving your natural tooth. If you are looking for a root canal dentist, we are here to meet your needs at Precision Dental Clinic in downtown Dubai, UAE.

 How root canal therapy works

Beneath the hard-outer layer of enamel and dentin in your tooth lies an inner chamber, which contains a soft tissue that is called pulp, as well as blood vessels and nerves. To perform a root canal, we do the following:

  • Numb the tooth and surrounding area with local anesthetic so you are pain-free throughout the procedure
  • Drill a small hole in the crown of the tooth to access the inner contents of the tooth
  • Remove the infected pulp, as well as the nerve and other contents of the pulp chamber
  • Thoroughly disinfect and cleanse the area
  • Fill the pulp chamber with a rubber-like material called gutta percha
  • Seal the tooth and restore it with a restoration, typically a crown, for long-term protection and durability

Why perform a root canal?

Root canal therapy may be necessary due to issues such as tooth decay, an abscess, or traumatic injury to a tooth. In some cases, injuries from long ago will not manifest themselves until years later, when the tooth suddenly starts causing you pain.

Root canal treatment at Precision Dental explained by Dr. Sharon Anand

Root canal treatment at Precision Dental explained by Dr. Sharon Anand
What is root canal treatment? Is root canal treatment painful? Are you someone wanting to get a root canal treatment done and having questions like this? Then this is the video you should watch. In this Dr. Sharon Anand from Precision Dental in Dubai explains all you need to know about root canal treatments.

What is root canal treatment?

It’s a treatment usually done to save an infected tooth, also termed as endodontics. It’s a treatment usually done when a cavity or bacteria is entering the pulp located in the canal. Hence the name root canal.

How does the root canal procedure work?

We at Precision Dental ensure pain is controlled, and the patient is comfortable by making the tooth numb before we start. Then an opening is made into the crown carefully cleaning all the infected canals to debride any bacteria.

Once the canals are completely clean, we seal the canal to prevent any further bacteria emergence. In most cases, we need additional support for the tooth with a crown.

Who is an ideal candidate for root canal treatment?

An ideal patient would be someone who is in pain, has a sensitivity to hot or cold food, has a swelling, or the tooth is fractured.

 If you wait too long for a root canal, extraction may be necessary because left untreated, the infection in the tooth can become widespread and lead to irreversible damage to the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

Best Root Canal Treatment at Dubai UAE
Watch Dr. Shweta Prabhu discuss the progress of tooth decay and when you would require a root canal treatment

Hi everybody, today I am going to talk about root canal treatment amongst the most dreaded monsters in the dental office. All of us fear getting one done but most of us are going to need it. So, I want to just simplify the process for you, help you understand what actually goes on and help you probably understand why you need to get it done. So, when the decay starts, obviously it starts usually for the top most layer of the tooth which is the enamel progressing towards the dentin and then finally to the living tissue of the tooth which is called pulp. Or the nerve is what the layperson will call it. Now when the infection or the decay which is caused by bacteria has entered the nerve, then there remains no other way for the dentist so far to remove the infection without removing the entirety of this nerve tissue. So, what we try and do is clean out the pulp chamber or the entirety of the nerve tissue from all the roots, and now once it is removed, and removed along with the infection, your pain will stop, you will be much more comfortable and then we will fill it because obviously it cannot be left empty, so we will fill it with an inert material and then because this nerve is now removed, your tooth will get brittle over a period of time, because there is no active blood supply to this tooth. So, to prevent fracture from this brittleness, we reinforce the tooth with a cap, and this is highly recommended. Now what you also need to remember is it is better to keep your natural tooth in tact and look after It, rather than thinking of removing it and getting an implant done, because remember that what nature has given us, what God has given us, man can never replace. Implants are the best replacement options, but they are not better than your natural teeth. Root canals are highly recommended and to prevent root canals, remember to brush floss rinse repeat.

 Do root canals hurt?

At Precision Dental Clinic, we are equipped with the latest equipment, materials, and knowledge to provide you with a comfortable, pain-free root canal experience. It is a myth that root canals are extremely painful – in fact, root canal therapy provides immense relief from pain by eliminating the source of infection and pain-sensing nerve in your tooth.

Even patients who are fearful of dentists find their visits here a comfortable experience

Even patients who are fearful of dentists find their visits here a comfortable experience
Alexandra was terrified of visiting the dentist. But the wonderful team at Precision Dental helped her get over her fears and her pain. Dr. Anisha, who treated her root canals successfully, is kind, dedicated and gifted and so is the team.

Dr. Anisha, what can I say? You’ve been unbelievably amazing; it’s Alexandra, by the way- the root canal.
We have seen each other many, many times. It got to a point where your office was probably my second home.
I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart because I was in so, so much pain. I had never met you; I had never been to a dentist out here; I am one of those people who prefers to avoid doctors, dentists, and anything that appears like it will be torturous at all costs.

But you did so much, and I mean with the root canal, it is a nasty process, but you took me all the way through it, you were so kind, you were so patient because let’s face it, I was in a lot of pain, and you came in on your days off, and you really, really care about people, you are so dedicated and so kind.

And I have to say how wonderful you are, and even if I move back to the UK, I think I am probably going to fly out just to see you; I am terrified of doctors and dentists, but you are wonderful..

I think all of your staff are wonderful too. They are so polite, so kind and all I can say is just thank you so, so much. I have already referred to one of my friends, and I will refer you and refer you and refer you. You are wonderful at your job, very gifted. And thank you so so much!

Painless and comfortable, that is what this patient’s root canal experience was all about.

Painless and comfortable, that is what this patient’s root canal experience was all about.
Even a dreaded experience like a root canal treatment is comfortable and painless with us.

Dr. Anisha did my root canal treatment this evening.
And I think she should be named “Dr. Feather Touch.”
I mean, the treatment was painless, and I feel so comfortable.
I am just so appreciative of her services.
Thank you so much, Precision Dental Clinic.

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