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The Cost of Ignoring a Tooth in Need of a Root Canal and Where You Can Find a Dentist “Near Me” in Dubai, UAE

There are few things a dental patient wants to hear less than that they need a root canal to save a tooth. Root canals bring up images of intense drilling and pain. It can cause fear and dental anxiety to rise to the surface and make your heart race quickly. The truth behind modern root canals is that they are not something you need to sweat over. If you do not get a root canal, the pain you will encounter is far worse than the actual procedure. Patients in Dubai, UAE, have been visiting Dr. Anisha Kumar and the team at Precision Dental Clinic for root canal procedures.

Because of the anxiety surrounding a root canal, patients can procrastinate or avoid even undergoing the procedure. That will ultimately lead to costly dental health issues that are very avoidable with a root canal. Remember, root canals are no more painful than getting a filling thanks to anesthetics used for the procedure. The pain you face if you avoid a root canal, on the other hand, can potentially be very substantial.

What Can Happen If You Do Not Get a Root Canal?

The primary reason a root canal is necessary is that the pulp of the tooth becomes infected. The pulp of the tooth, consisting of blood vessels and nerves, needs to be cleaned out so that the infection does not spread from the infected tooth into the gums and jawbone. If ignored, this infection could lead to catastrophic consequences, including tooth and jawbone loss. Another possibility is that the infection could get into your bloodstream and lead to life-threatening situations, including heart attack, stroke, or sepsis. At this point, the root canal you were previously hesitant about getting is suddenly sounding really pleasant compared to the new reality.

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Patients who need a root canal should look into getting one as soon as possible before other conditions develop as a result. For individuals in Dubai, UAE looking for a dentist who performs safe and effective root canals, you should consider Dr. Anisha Kumar and the highly skilled and friendly team at Precision Dental Clinic. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Kumar, please call 04 - 2756731.

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