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Offers and Events

Precision Dental Clinic strives to be a true partner with the families that we care for and serve. You already know that Dr. Punit Thawani and the exceptional associates he’s surrounded himself with provide precision, specialty dentistry – ranging from orthodontics and oral surgery to periodontics (gum disease) and implantology in Dubai, UAE.

The Precision Dental Savings Plan explained by Dr. Punit H. Thawani

The Precision Dental Savings Plan explained by Dr. Punit H. Thawani
If you are someone looking for a great dental savings plan in Dubai, The Precision Dental Savings Plan is for you. Watch this video to learn more on the amazing savings Precision Dental Clinic has to offer as Dr. Punit H. Thawani explains all about it.

The Precision Dental Savings Plan

Hi everyone, this is Dr. Punit Thawani, and today I would like to talk about an initiative that we have recently started in our clinic to help reduce your dental expenses without compromising on quality.

The Precision Dental Savings Plan

Most of us are in the habit of brushing our teeth twice a day and flossing. We do invest a fair bit of time taking care of our oral health but miss out on regular visits to the dentist.

In fact, some have a misconception that you don’t need to visit a dentist unless you have severe pain in your teeth. We would like to see you at least once every six months. If you do this, we can accomplish two things.

1. We can maintain your oral health in optimum condition and free from pain
2. We can reduce your future dental expenses by catching certain problems early and treating them in their early stages.

For example, an initial starting tooth decay can easily be treated with a filling as opposed to waiting for it to become painful and ultimately requiring a root canal and a crown.

With The Precisions Dental Clinic Savings Plan, you get the following once in six months.

  • Dental checkups
  • Dental cleaning
  • An annual full mouth x-ray

All for less than 50% of our regular price.

Also, you get up to a 30% discount on various treatments available in our clinic. Get in touch with us to find out more and hope to see you soon for a routine checkup and cleaning.

Until next time this is Dr. Punit Thawani reminding you to brush, floss, rinse, repeat and visit your dentist once in six months.

What you may not know is our involvement in the community and all the ways that we serve families outside of the four walls of the office. This page will provide a convenient “watercooler” for our patients to gather around to discover the:

  • Latest dentistry news of interest to their family
  • Upcoming events where you can find Dr. Thawani and the Precision Dental Clinic team
  • Special events that reinforce great oral care, and make our oral health partnership with you fun
  • Promotions and special, limited-time offers that help you save money and enjoy premium services

Additionally, we at Precision Dental Clinic partner with some of Dubai’s most trusted organizations to support you and yours. A few of our most enriching partnerships include those with Emirates NBD Bank and RAKBANK. We’re pleased to offer our valued patients easy, no-interest payment plans when they use either their RAKBANK or Emirates NBD cards. There are no down-payments. No hidden promotional charges. No penalties on early payment. No surprises.

Just pay with your qualifying card, and the outstanding payment is converted into affordable monthly installments. Only a small and reasonable processing fee applies.

We are also tied up with a premier “Buy Now – Pay Later” platform in the GCC – Spotii. You can use Spotii to convert your transactions into easy pay instalments at using any Credit Card.

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Be sure to watch this page regularly for upcoming news, events, and offers of interest to your family – with the added benefit of keeping more money in your pocket. So, you can enjoy the things that make you smile!

Ongoing Offers

Spoti Card Payment 25% Off at Precision Dental

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Precision Dental Clinic Savings Plan

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