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Do I need braces? – Take this quiz to find out.

An increasing number of adults are now opting for braces. In fact, entire products and brands have evolved solely for orthodontic treatment of adults. Some of these include Invisalign, Incognito, Harmony etc. Many adults often get interested in orthodontics when their kids are getting their teeth straightened with braces. Probably seeing the effects for themselves, sparks the interest.

Do you feel you need braces? Here is a simple quiz you can take to find out.

Question 1 – Are any of my teeth turned, or twisted?

Teeth should line up so that the sides of the teeth touch each other. If there is a shortage of space, the teeth may be turned or twisted, so that they look crooked. A good indication of this, could be that you cannot easily pass a piece of floss between your teeth.

Question 2 – Do I have gaps between my teeth?

Again, if there are gaps between your teeth, it can mean that there is excessive space in you jaw, and this can be addressed with orthodontics.

Question 3 – Do my upper teeth stick our too much over the lower teeth?

When you bite on your back teeth, any gap between your upper and lower teeth, that is greater than 4 mm is considered excessive.

Question 4 – Do I have difficulty in closing my lips?

Your lips should be touching each other or require only light pressure to close over your teeth. If you need to use a lot of pressure to close your lips over your teeth, it means that your teeth are too prominent. Orthodontic treatment will definitely be of benefit for you.

Question 5 – Do I have pain in my jaw joints (just in front of the ears) or temples?

Jaw joint pain and sounds (like clicking, popping or grating) are often caused by a bad bite. (“Bite” refers to the way your upper and lower teeth meet each other)

Question 6 – Do I have a lisp, or difficulty in speaking?

Gaps between your teeth can often lead to a lisp, or a speech defect. Closing the gaps can be part of the treatment to correct the speech defect. (Speech therapy will usually be needed along with this.)

Question 7 – Am I self-conscious about my smile?

Look at some of your old photos… are you showing a nice broad smile? Or are you hiding your teeth? A good confident smile is not only linked to aesthetics, but also to general quality of life and overall well-being.

Question 8 – Do I frequently need to breathe through my mouth?

This includes times that you do not have a cold. Breathing issues may be due to various reasons… certain types of jaw structure or formation may be a cause.

If the answers to any of these questions is YES, it is quite likely that you would experience a great improvement in the look and function of your teeth after undergoing orthodontic treatment.

The best way to start is to get an initial consultation from a qualified Orthodontist in Dubai. He or she will be able to assess your needs and inform you of the benefits of orthodontic treatment. Also, you will be able to explore various options of orthodontic appliances (conventional braces, invisible braces, aligners) that could be suitable for the treatment of your problem, the time needed, and costs involved.

Remember, that “Braces” is not the only option available. Today, various more aesthetic alternatives are available to give you that gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted.

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